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The Liberated Life
From Pharma to Freedom™

If you are ready to restore your body, mind, and biochemistry with a proven path to ​a magnificent life without medication, this is for you.

When pharma is...

  • Feeling like your life has been highjacked by a merry-go-round of medication and you just want to Get. Off. The. Ride.​

  • Living a life disconnected,  like a passive passenger, out of touch with your feelings and creativity - and sexually numb. 

  • Suppressing true healing with band-aid treatments and stuck in the never-ending cycle of stress. 

  • Completely at the mercy of a pill to function - and even live. And is it worth it when you don't feel any better on the meds than you did before you started taking them?

It’s time for you to release the fear, guilt, and shame and discover the proven path to finally take your health, well-being, and life back into your own hands… 

Freedom could be...

  • Transitioning into a medication-free life because you have finally found THE safe, effective, well-studied solution that gives your body, brain and being what they needed all along - without the harrowing withdrawals. 

  • Sleeping deeply each night and waking up feeling refreshed and excited to start the day, every day...with the capacity to focus on the things you love most in life - without a chemical crutch.

  • Having a relationship with - and deep understanding of your unique body and brain chemistry so you can self-soothe in times of distress… becoming your own best healer and wellness advocate.

  • Being restored to deep emotional well-being and whole body health.

How to get off antidepressants naturally...

If you know meds aren't for you and you've found yourself wondering, "What happens to your brain after you stop taking antidepressants?" then you're in the right place. A lot of my clients ask me, "Do antidepressants cause permanent brain changes?" or "Does your brain go back to normal after antidepressants?" I also hear "Carla, how do I detox my brain from antidepressants?" a lot.

The truth is, your brain can go back to being better than you were before, but only if you take the process seriously and get the deep level of support that you need. Coming off antidepressants success stories are those that don't include any harrowing withdrawal symptoms. It's about reclaiming your health, energy, sanity, and clarity - so you can live a symptom-free life without drugs...


If you are ready for a magnificent life without medication...

What clients are saying...

Rhoda, Age 32  

New York, NY

"I wanted to get off my antidepressant, sleeping pill, and ADD prescription so I could have a healthy pregnancy. I was scared that my depression would come back. I also felt it was time to reconnect with my true self and access true healing instead of just the band-aid effect. Carla worked with my prescribing physician and gave me a personalized protocol to support a well-planned taper where I didn't feel any withdrawal effects. Most importantly, I've never felt this emotionally stable and happy in my life. The depression didn't come back, I can sleep at night and focus well during the day. Carla is a true gem."

Erika, Age 50  

McAllen, TX

"I didn’t know the dangers of taking a triple reuptake inhibitor when I tried it. The side effects made me feel like I was losing my mind-they were horrible. I wanted to go off it but was scared of the withdrawal symptoms. Carla supported me in getting off them with so much care and love and I  didn’t get any withdrawal symptoms except one day that I had vertigo. That was it. I feel like I stepped into a new level of freedom and I am so grateful to Carla."

Julia Age, 74  

Los Angeles, CA

"When I met Carla, I hadn't had a good night's sleep in years. Too many years to remember. I just thought that is the way it is when you get older. Carla created a drug-free protocol that worked for me. I am actually sleeping soundly through the night. This is something I  never envisioned for myself. It is such a blessing that I met Carla and that she was able to help me."

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