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Hi, I’m Carla Bate! 

Ready to shake things up and make some magic happen?

Let me take you back to my wild party days. Life was a wild ride, full of crazy, amazing highs and inevitable lows. But it wasn't until I dove into the world of clinical nutrition during my master's studies that everything truly clicked.  

I learned about neurotransmitters – tiny chemical messengers that act as master manipulators of our mental wellbeing, dictating not only every mood swing and emotional state but also our energy levels and ability to focus.

But here's the kicker: these mood molecules, they trigger the same types of "meh whoa-is-me" moods in all of us when their levels are depleted.

It's wild to think about how many things can drain our neurotransmitters – from illicit substances to the stressors of life; even childhood traumas and the foods we eat can play a role.

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My Story

Learning this - a lifetime later - brought me right back to those party nights, you know the ones - lying in bed after a big night of shenanigans, drowning in guilt-ridden depression. 

It hit me like a bolt of lightning: feeling that way didn't mean I was a bad person. It was just the straight-up result of depleted serotonin levels. 

Low serotonin levels can cause a host of other symptoms such as negativity, low self-esteem, depression (including winter blues/SAD), and worry/anxiety/fear. (We have various neurotransmitters governing different aspects of our being, but I want to keep it simple for now.)

My epiphany?

We are not our moods.

Those waves of negativity, self-doubt, anxiety, and even depression? They're not who we are. They're simply the byproduct of depleted neurotransmitters.

Ok, you ready for the gold?

My superpower lies in boosting those mood molecules for you – quickly, effectively, and for the long haul.


How? By loading your brain with the perfect mix of nutrients through functional nutrition and targeted amino acid therapy.

If you’ve been dreaming of living a life filled with positivity, productivity, and vitality - and free of unhealthy coping mechanisms - this is your moment to seize the day and make it a reality.


Book your free discovery call with me by clicking on the button below.

I can show you the way to unlock your full potential and truly thrive.

With my proven method, you’ll be able to tap into the pharmacy within to rebalance your mood molecules, step out of fight or flight, calm your nervous system, and create whole-body health so you can wake up refreshed and ready to start the day, every day, instead of feeling married to the couch. 

Plus, you’ll gain the confidence to pursue your goals with gusto and embrace life's challenges head-on.

I want you to know that you are not defined by your moments of suffocating darkness and paralyzing anxiety.


These are merely a result of depleted brain chemicals, not the essence of who you are.


You are capable of rising above the weight of depression and the grip of burnout. Together, we can navigate through the storm and uncover the light within you, illuminating a path toward healing and resilience.

By harnessing the power of targeted neuro-nutrition therapy, we can replenish your brain's vital neurotransmitters, restoring balance and vitality. Through a personalized approach, we'll identify the specific nutrients and strategies to boost your brain power and enhance your mental well-being. 

​I can help you do it. Let’s get started.

Why work with me?

Here’s what I want you to know about the level of my work and how I’m unlike every other nutritionist out there… 


Not every nutritionist —

✔️ Possesses a Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition (MSCN) from the prestigious Sonoran University of Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona.

✔️ Holds an Advanced Certification as a Recovery Nutrition Coach (CRNC) for  Nutritional Therapy & Amino Acid Therapy from The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition.

✔️ Is certified in the Principles of Nutritional Genomics by the American Nutrition Association (ANA).

✔️ Can confidently call themselves a Neuro Wellness Specialist and Holistic Mood Repair Expert.

✔️ Brings nearly a decade of proven expertise in clinical nutrition, microbiome medicine, and holistic wellness, refined through hands-on experience spanning the globe from Bali to London to Los Angeles.

✔️ Has experienced firsthand the toll of a life filled with late nights, bottomless brunches, and long-haul flights, and come out the other side with health and wellness as her highest value.

✔️ Leverages personal experience supporting a close family member through mental health and addiction challenges, serving as inspiration and driving force behind her commitment to client success.


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