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Welcome to Amino Acid Therapy:
Your Path to Healing

Are you searching for an alternative to psychiatric medications, such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, or medications for ADHD? I specialize in Amino Acid Therapy, the use of supplemental amino acids to replenish depleted neurotransmitter systems. 

Our brain is our master control center. Everything is mediated through our brain. 

Our feelings, our mood, our behaviors, our perceptions, our cognitions and beliefs. 

Our ability to access willpower and skills, to have choice, our ability to be motivated and have energy, as well as our ability to kick back, relax, play and sleep. 

This is all mediated through the brain. Specifically, through our neurotransmitters. (Norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine, serotonin and GABA).

These are our mood mediators. 

If our neurotransmitters are in balance and functioning properly, so, probably are we.

Or at least we’re much more able to effectively respond to the stressors that life throws at us.

However, depleted, or out of balance neurotransmitters will lead to symptoms, such as:


✔️ Depression

✔️ Apathy

✔️ Anxiety

✔️ Insomnia

✔️ Irritability

✔️ Focus Issues

✔️ Distractibility

✔️ Substance Use Disorders

✔️ Disordered Eating, and on and on and on.

These symptoms often lead to the search for relief, often resulting in unhealthy coping mechanisms that may pave the way to addiction—whether to substances (illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals), behaviors (gaming, gambling, pornography, sex), or food (sugary, sweet, salty, crunchy). 

Factors contributing to depleted neurotransmitters include:

✔️ Childhood Trauma

✔️ Chronic Stress

✔️ Genetics

✔️ Poor Nutrition

✔️ Impaired Digestion


The good news is that Amino Acid Therapy offers a solution to replenish neurotransmitters quickly and naturally. It's non-addictive and does not require long-term use to yield lasting results. With Amino Acid Therapy, we have the power to restore balance to the brain and reclaim wellness. [1]

Nutrition is grossly neglected in:

Prescription Drugs

Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric medications can sometimes act as a band-aid solution, yet they may contribute to further depletion of neurotransmitters over time, particularly with SSRIs.


With Amino Acid Therapy, your brain receives the necessary building blocks to restore not only serotonin but also other essential neurotransmitters.


This approach addresses the root cause of imbalance, providing a sustainable solution for your mental well-being. [2]

Child Therapist

Pediatric Behavioral Issues

It's crucial to recognize that imbalanced neurotransmitter levels not only contribute to pediatric behavioral issues, such as ADHD, but more significantly, there is a heightened risk for children with ADHD to develop Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), including illicit drug use and multiple substance use, later in life. [3]


Understanding this connection underscores the urgency of addressing neurotransmitter imbalances early on in pediatric care to mitigate the risk of serious outcomes such as SUDs. Especially in families where addiction is present. Amino Acid Therapy is the solution.

Performance Art

Addiction Recovery

Traditional recovery programs for alcohol and drug addiction primarily focus on addressing the psychological and social aspects of addiction treatment.


However, research indicates that many individuals struggling with addiction also experience biochemical and nutritional imbalances. Relying solely on psychological and social interventions is akin to a two-legged stool—it lacks stability and balance.


Amino Acid Therapy serves as the 'Third Leg of the Stool,' essential for achieving stability and lasting wellness in recovery, thereby reducing the risk of relapse. [4,5,6]

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