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"It's time for you to claim deep emotional well-being and whole-body health."

Carla Bate MSCN, CRNC
Psychiatric Nutritionist
Neuro Wellness Specialist
Holistic Mood Repair Expert

I work with people who want to get to the root cause of depression, anxiety, and insomnia with confidence and control so they can reclaim their power to create a life that lights them up. 

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Looking to break free
from antidepressants??


How to get off antidepressants naturally...

If you know meds aren't for you and you've found yourself wondering, "What happens to your brain after you stop taking antidepressants?" then you're in the right place. A lot of my clients ask me, "Do antidepressants cause permanent brain changes?" or "Does your brain go back to normal after antidepressants?" I also hear "Carla, how do I detox my brain from antidepressants?" a lot.

The truth is, your brain can go back to being better than you were before, but only if you take the process seriously and get the deep level of support that you need. Coming off antidepressants success stories are those that don't include any harrowing withdrawal symptoms. It's about reclaiming your health, energy, sanity, and clarity - so you can live a symptom-free life without drugs...

If you are ready for a magnificent life without medication...



Releasing the “I am not enough” story and stepping into a new you who feels confident, self-assured, and ready to welcome all the good things you deserve in life. 

Ditching what’s keeping you stuck in sabotage and overwhelm so you can finally feel confident, at peace and in tune with your inner wisdom and truth enough to conquer your biggest dreams. 

Feeling a deep sense of ease and peace within your mind, body, and spirit as you release the old anxieties and fears of not-enoughness you’ve carried for years.


Shifting from emotional exhaustion to vibrant vitality as you clear your body of toxic overload and create habits that support your peak metabolism, leaving you clear-eyed, fresh, healthy, and abundant with life force.

Being the better version of yourself that you know exists.

No longer judging or condemning yourself as you shift into someone who only talks with love, kindness, and compassion to the body that holds you. 

Enjoying your body and its new-found energy, giving you the capacity to do the things you love with the people you love instead of feeling married to the couch. 

Side Effects Include:

Mastering the art of nourishing your body and spirit without obsessing over calories.


Transforming your relationship with food from a cycle of craving and guilt into one of lasting fulfillment.


Sliding back into those favorite jeans and checking out your butt in the mirror with a smile, after saying 'see ya' to those stubborn extra pounds. 

Learning how to eat in a way that leaves you feeling deeply nourished and consistently energized, smoothing out the daily ups and downs with ease.

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