From Pharma to Freedom 

Holistically and effectively in 90 days or less

I help high-functioning women trapped on antidepressants get off the merry-go-round of medications without their brain bottoming out using the From Pharma to Freedom Method, a proven drug-free path to healing that restores the brain, body, and being into beautiful balance.

with Carla Bate, MSCN
Holistic Mood Repair Expert &
Functional Nutritionist


Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition
Certified Nutritional Genomics Specialist
Board Member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions

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 "I didn’t know the dangers of taking a triple reuptake inhibitor when I tried it. The side effects made me feel like I was losing my mind-they were horrible. I wanted to go off it but was scared of the withdrawal symptoms. Carla supported me in getting off them with so much care and love and I  didn’t get any withdrawal symptoms except one day that I had vertigo. That was it. I feel like I stepped into a new level of freedom and I am so grateful to Carla."

~ Erika: Age 50, McAllen Texas

Pharma is...

Feeling like your life has been highjacked by a merry-go-round of medication and you just want to Get. Off. The. Ride.

Living a life disconnected,  like a passive passenger, out of touch with your feelings and creativity - and sexually numb. 

Suppressing true healing with band-aid treatments and stuck in the never-ending cycle of stress. 

Completely at the mercy of a pill to function - and even live. And is it worth it when you don't feel any better on the meds than you did before you started taking them?

It’s time for you to release the fear, guilt, and shame and discover the proven path to finally take your health, well-being, and life back into your own hands… 

Freedom is...

Transitioning into a medication-free life because you have finally found THE safe, effective, well-studied solution that gives your body, brain and being what they needed all along - without the harrowing withdrawals. 

Sleeping deeply each night and waking up feeling refreshed and excited to start the day, every day...with the capacity to focus on the things you love most in life - without a chemical crutch.

Having a relationship with - and deep understanding of your unique brain chemistry so you can self-soothe in times of distress… becoming your own best healer and wellness advocate.

Being restored to deep emotional well-being and whole body health.

My Story


Hi, I’m Carla Bate! 

I help people safely transition off of damaging mood-altering medications when they’re not doing what they were prescribed for, weren’t needed in the first place, have stopped working as well as they used to, or the side effects have begun to outweigh the benefits… 

When I was completing my master's degree in clinical nutrition, a loved one’s dependence on pharmaceuticals was tearing my family apart. It was utterly heartbreaking to witness and I so desperately wanted to help. Through studying neuro nutrition I realized that their true self had been completely steamrolled by a starved brain. 


And it was like the universe was handing me a golden ticket with all of the tools I needed to support their recovery.  When my method started to work - and rather quickly... I’ll never forget the moment my family looked at each other and said, “Wow did we finally find the solution? After all this time?” This was after a 16-year battle with some very serious, highly addictive pharmaceuticals (opiates and benzodiazepines) that had wrecked their life and their brain.

This work holds a very special place in my heart because it has given my loved one a fighting chance to reclaim their life and freedom. Watching that transformation firsthand and seeing what was possible led me to dedicate my life to this work.

If you’ve been dreaming of living a life free from mood-altering medications… whether you know that there’s a better option out there for you and you’re ready to unlock it, or you’re really struggling to imagine a life on the other side but you know something’s gotta change, or you’re simply terrified of your brain bottoming out - I can show you the way to reclaim your life and your freedom. I want you to know that it is possible to give up the chemical crutch and transition into a pharmaceutical-free life with ease and grace.

With my proven method, my clients are able to tap into the pharmacy within to rebalance their mood molecules (dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and endorphins) and create whole body health so that they are no longer reliant on synthetic molecules to function. They no longer feel the need to seek relief through substance abuse, subconscious addictive behaviors, and prescription drugs. 

Today I primarily help people feed their brains by giving them a deeply personalized plan that gives them the nutrients, precursors, and cofactors required for optimization as they taper off of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and stimulant drugs. And detox and rebalance after chronic opiate and stimulant abuse. 



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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician, psychologist, nutritionist, or dietician in the state of California, where I reside, nor do I hold any other similar registration in any other state. The services I offer are alternative or complementary to licensed healing arts services. The services that I offer are not licensed by the state of California or any other state. Participants in From Pharma to Stable must obtain support and medical monitoring from their prescribing physician, who must agree to remain in close correspondence with me throughout the duration of your time in the program.