Bravo Freeze-Dried Capsules are formulated through a unique symphony through which colostrum and milk are fermented by a proprietary blend of cultured kefir grains, which is then enriched with 8 gastro-resistant strains of bacteria. The resulting final product is a complex symbiosis of over 400 different microbial DNA, plasmids, and phages. A product that supports and rebalances the immune system, and reconstitutes the gut and brain microbiom

Bravo - The Ultimate Probiotic

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  • There exists no other product with the spectacular biodiversity in terms of microbial DNA. As assessed by advanced DNA analysis and published in peer-reviewed articles.

    If you look at the labels of most probiotics on the market, they have only a few strains - meaning their biodiversity is very limited - and far from the reality of the rich complexity of the human microbiome. Bravo contains hundreds of different strains (under the form of cultured kefir grains) that include plasmids and phages - elements of the human microbiome that are essential for human wellbeing.

    Bravo is made in Switzerland.