Presented by leading longevity specialist and functional nutritionist, Carla Bate, M.S., C.N.S. candidate

Happy and Healthy

​​The 3 Secrets to shed stress, banish low self-esteem and

blast away the blahs without medications.

A 45-minute women's wellness workshop

Friday May 13, 2022

3:00 pm PST  | 6:00 pm EDT


🚫 Stop letting anxiety, slumps, funks, and freakouts, rule your life!

Secret 1: Identifying False Moods

Discover the one thing you need to do to release the rage and

activate your ability to enjoy life!


Secret 2: The Power of Nourishment

Discover why your emotional distress stems from easily correctable

malfunctions in your brain and body chemistry.


Secret 3: The Feel-Good Anecdote

The all-natural key to eliminating depression and anxiety, and rebuilding your

energy, motivation, and capacity to focus on the things you love most in life.


Carla Bate M.S., C.N.S. Candidate

The Protocol Priestess

I have lived life to the limit, burned the candle at both ends time and time again, and I know what it is like to go from conferences to long flights, bottomless brunches to late nights. I have successfully recovered my cellular, metabolic and immune health and made sure my looks can keep up with how I feel inside.

Life has shown me that feeling fantastic in your own skin is essential if you want to claim your 10-out-of-10 best life and slay every day. Everything from your career to your libido is influenced by what you eat and how much you move your body. That's why I cover a lot of ground with my clients.