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Calling All Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives!

Erika Madariaga & Carla Bate present

Wealth Mastery

An Intimate Mastermind

Intentional Mood Mastery for Creating Your Empire 


What if you could...


Effortlessly Manifest A Life Of Fulfillment, Peace, And True Wealth


Activate Your Zone of Genius Without Relying On Woo-Woo Methodology  


Discover The Fool-Proof Formula To Shift Out Of Fear-Based Living And Into A Serene Space Of Creative Flow

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Discover How a New Revolutionary Neuro-Revitalizing System Can Give You the Secrets for Manifesting Clarity, Purpose & Wealth

If You're Pursuing A Deeply Meaningful And Purpose-Driven Existence Where Every Aspect Of Your Life Contributes To Your Personal Growth, Happiness, and Fulfillment,

Then Read Every Word Below...

In a moment, we're going to show you how this brand-new all-in-one system tackles every challenge standing in the way of your manifestation journey, so you can:

✔️ Break the pattern of starting and stopping yet another venture

✔️ Start living a purpose-fueled life filled with peace, pleasure and ease

✔️ Operate from the level of mental sharpness and hyperfocus required to achieve abundance in every aspect of your life

✔️ Unleash the level of creativity and innovation you need to mark your name on the world

✔️ Wake up each day with a sense of purpose, direction and fulfillment

✔️ Foster emotional balance and resilience, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with strength and grace

(a tall order, we know.)

We’ve been in the manifestation game for 20+ years and there is one BIG thing that keeps women stuck in the "journaling your intentions and goals and hoping they manifest soon” phase. 

It's. Their. Moods.

It's Brain Burnout.

When your mind is foggy, motivation is scarce, and handling challenges feels overwhelming, you can journal all you want honey, but you're not gonna create the life of your dreams.

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Maybe You...

→ Feel like your brain is burnt out; you can't focus, and you don't have the mental stamina to learn, retain, and apply new knowledge required to take your business to the next level

Have poured your heart and soul into crafting your empire, yet success remains just out of reach due to overwhelm and inconsistency

→ Find yourself caught in a cycle of procrastination and self-doubt, unable to break free and make meaningful progress towards your goals

→ Have been stuck in a loop of setbacks and disappointments, which have left you doubting yourself

→ Are battling mood swings and emotional rollercoasters, making it tough to stay motivated and focused on your journey

→ Are in need of a transformative solution that goes beyond surface challenges, igniting a new path toward greatness by addressing the root causes of your struggles

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To All The Joe Dispenza Fans Out There

Let's face it: tapping into an elevated emotion can be tough if your brain lacks the literal physical building blocks to produce serotonin, dopamine, and GABA.

We're revolutionizing the manifestation game with amino acid therapy, a powerful nutrient therapy that restores the brain's neurotransmitter levels.

Beyond the usual suspects of breathwork, tapping, meditation, and mindset practices, we're all about optimizing your brain for manifesting your wildest dreams.

Amino acid therapy is one of the most potent game-changing strategies for elevating your mood and revitalizing your brain - essential prerequisites for manifesting your dream life!

There is so much potential to attract abundance when you

✔️ Learn how to cultivate a consistent flow of good mood molecules to keep you in an elevated your state

✔️Integrate simple simple protocols for staying in your zone of genius without overwhelming yourself

✔️Prioritize your mental well-being and emotional resilience by nourishing your brain


Fine-tuning your neurotransmitter function unlocks your brain's potential, paving the way for boundless abundance. The time to ignite your journey toward greatness is now!

Image by Samuel Austin
Image by bady abbas

What you're going to get in this intimate, live 4-week Mastermind presented by Carla Bate & Erika Madariaga on Intentional Mood Mastery for Creating Your Empire:

Access to out step-by-step Wealth Mastery Method in an easily accessible Content Hub

→ Use this to unleash your energy, focus and creativity so you can instantly start improving your entrepreneurial journey and build unstoppable momentum.

Unlock your potential with 2x per week live trainings, actionable weekly tasks and detailed worksheets, providing precise amino acid recommendations, dosages, and timelines, paired with proven manifestation techniques. 

→ This invaluable resource ensures you establish sustainable routines for mastering your mood, paving the way to manifesting your dream life.

Live Coaching & Community Connection Opportunities

→ Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us [on group calls, 1:1 calls, in support community, etc] so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support. 



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Save $99 when you reserve your spot before March 4th

Early Bird Price:


(After March 4th the price goes up to: $497)

An Intimate 4-Week Live Mastermind:

Wealth Mastery

Intentional Mood Mastery for Creating Your Empire


Starts March 19th, 2024

About your coaches.

Carla Bate MSCN, CNRC

A lifelong seeker, Carla was first introduced to amino acid therapy while completing her masters degree in clinical nutrition. As someone who spent a large part of her 20s and early 30s going from late nights, to bottomless brunches, and long-haul flights, Carla was drawn to the idea of bolstering serotonin production using nutrients. Little did she know that her intrigue would pave the path for her to not only master her own mood and brain health but also to create her empire from the ground up—empowering others to unlock their full potential and manifest their dream lives. Carla is certified in amino acid therapy from the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition.


Erika Madariaga


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