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My Story

Hi, I’m Carla Bate! 

I support you as your safe transition off of damaging mood-altering medications when...

  • They’re not doing what they were prescribed for

  • Weren’t needed in the first place,

  • Have stopped working as well as they used to,

  • Or the side effects have begun to outweigh the benefits.

When I was completing my master's degree in clinical nutrition, a loved one’s dependence on pharmaceuticals was tearing my family apart. It was utterly heartbreaking to witness and I so desperately wanted to help. Through studying neuro nutrition I realized that their true self had been completely steamrolled by a starved brain.

And it was like the universe was handing me a golden ticket with all of the tools I needed to support their recovery.  When my method started to work - and rather quickly... I’ll never forget the moment my family looked at each other and said, “Wow did we finally find the solution? After all this time?” This was after a 16-year battle with some very serious, highly addictive pharmaceuticals (opiates and benzodiazepines) that had wrecked their life and their brain.

This work holds a very special place in my heart because it has given my loved one a fighting chance to reclaim their life and freedom. Watching that transformation firsthand and seeing what was possible led me to dedicate my life to this work.

If you’ve been dreaming of living a life free from pharma… whether you know that there’s a better option out there for you and you’re ready to unlock it, or you’re really struggling to imagine a life on the other side but you know something’s gotta change, or you’re simply terrified of your brain bottoming out...


I can show you the way to reclaim your life and your freedom. Whether you've started your taper or not. I want you to know that it is possible to give up the chemical crutch and transition into a pharmaceutical-free life with ease and grace.

With my proven method, my clients are able to tap into the pharmacy within to rebalance their mood molecules (dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and endorphins) and create whole-body health so that they are no longer reliant on synthetic molecules to function. They no longer have to white-knuckle through a horrific tapering experience.

Today I primarily help women nourish their bodies - and brains - by giving them a deeply personalized plan that gives them the nutrients, precursors, and cofactors required for optimization as they transition into a magnificent and medication free life.

Whether you’ve been struggling with the fear of….

  • Rebound depression or…

  • Passing on toxic chemicals to your future children…

  • The onset of postpartum depression…

  • Or the potential withdrawals

I want you to know that it is 100% to reclaim your freedom, your health, and your vitality. 


It doesn’t have to be excruciating or grueling to get your happiness back on track. We can do it in a way where you’re going to feel supported, you’re going to feel nourished. And you’re going to feel, maybe for the first time in your life, truly in charge of your health on all levels. And that’s really the beauty of this journey.


I can help you do it. Let’s get started.

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  • Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition

  • Certified Nutritional Genomics Specialist

  • Board Member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist Candidate

  • Certified Nutrition Recovery Coach Candidate

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My Philosophy

As someone who spent my 20s and early 30s chasing late nights, bottomless brunches, and long-haul flights, I can assure you that...


it is always 100% possible to regenerate!

At age 33 I was burnt out, sick all the time, and lacked a sense of deep inner worth and confidence.  Once I saw that nutrition could be way more potent than any drug, pill, or another wanna-be quick entire life changed.

You can always unlock limitless energy, mental and emotional balance, and a bulletproof immune system - no matter how old you are or what you've gone through.

​When you know how to "feed the brain" life opens up. You can do the things you never thought you could, (but always wanted to!)

​You can be a morning person, despite thinking you are simply destined for 11am wake-ups for life (like I did). 

​You can be a glass-half-full type person who shrugs off triggers and transcends road rage. 


You can share your gifts with the world....simply by being you!

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